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Residential Services

Call Us: (800) 343-5502

Greene Moving & Storage has specialized in meeting the household moving needs of our customers since 1988. With decades of experience and our great employees, we serve residential clients in all different areas.

Our company has professional, experienced movers that have performed residential relocations for households of all sizes. We are proud of the fact our movers have been with us for many years, so we can assure you that your homes move will be handled competently and carefully.

With our fleet of moving trucks, we can assist you with local or long distance moves. We have the skill and experience to move any kind of furniture and other household goods.

We are happy to help you plan your move, provide packing supplies, arrange your furniture, and provide short-term storage.

Moving Tips


Hire a licensed mover

Green Moving & Storage has many years of experience moving satisfied businesses, offices, and other commercial enterprises throughout Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New York.

Purge all files and throw away old printed literature before the move

Paper piles up quickly and is usually held long beyond its usefulness. It’s worth remembering that the weight can add up quickly, which will add to your moving costs.


We suggest that you can save time and make your moving experience much more pleasant if you know your floor plan of your new office or commercial location, and plan where each item will go

Schedule your move

If you can take time during normal business hours to move your furniture, you can avoid overtime charges.

Ask your moving company about any additional charges

Make sure you are aware of all the charges that may take place. Green Moving & Storage will supply you with all the information about costs, that you should be aware of. Some of the charges you may want to ask about include fuel surcharges, truck charges and rental equipment.


Try to schedule your move during “slow” periods

Considering moving during the slower months may help you find more affordable prices. Greene Moving & Storage has found that January, February and March are the least busy months for moving, so you may benefit from moving around that time.

Stick to one person as your Move Coordinator

It can become confusing and time consuming to have too many people trying to direct movers. We have found it is more beneficial to stick to one person coordinating during your moves.

Check references

It is always a good idea to ask the moving company for references. Greene Moving & Storage gives new customers the option to contact our former customers for references about their experience.

Take smaller items of high value with you

Laptops and personal items can be easily misplaced during moves, so it is a good idea to keep those items with you.

(800) 343-5502

With Greene Moving & Storage, relocating your home or business, or installing business or office systems, can be a pleasant experience.


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